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Code of Conduct

For Members of USA Dance Ocala 6027 at USA Dance Sponsored Events

1.01 General Description – The Code of Conduct is a behavioral guideline for members and guests of USA Dance Ocala 6027. The sole purpose of the Code of Conduct is to help maintain a fun and pleasant social dance atmosphere for all by setting suggested guidelines for individual behavior to avoid un-pleasantries.

1.02 Apparel Nice casual attire or better is suitable for regular dance events. Coat and tie or better for men and a comparable level dress or outfit for ladies is suggested for semi-formal affairs. In all cases, shoes, shirts and long pants are suggested for men and shoes, tops and skirts, dresses or slacks are suggested for women. Shorts, torn blue-jeans and muscle shirts are not considered appropriate. Clothes should be relatively clean. Clothes bearing vulgar language or graphics are prohibited.

1.03 Hygiene It is suggested that individuals be fairly clean and free of obvious dirt or grease or repulsive odor.

1.04 Dance Floor Behavior Attempt to move with the line of dance for those dances that move around the room. If you are not moving with the line of dance, then try to dance more in the center of the floor so that others can move line of dance more easily. Avoid bumping or crashing into others on the dance floor. If a bump occurs, apologize, and move on. For men, if you are dancing with a new partner, keep in mind the level and ability of your partner as you lead your partner around the floor so that you both enjoy the dance. Try to use proper ballroom frame and position on the floor for respect and comfort of your partner. Men, it is polite to walk you partner back to her seat after the dance and thank her for the dance.

1.05 Table Behavior It is acceptable to bring beverages (including alcoholic beverages) and snacks to dances, where permitted. Avoid carrying open beverage containers across the dance floor. If you have a spill or drop some food, please clean it immediately and ask a Board Member for assistance if you need help. Avoid drunken and slovenly behavior. If you believe someone is intoxicated, please alert a Board Member so that we can help them get home safely.

1.06 Dialog Avoid using foul language at all times. If you partner is not your significant other or spouse, avoid, sexually graphic jokes, sexual innuendo and solicitous comments to members the opposite sex, even if it is meant in a light hearted manner.

1.07 Reporting If something occurs at a USA Dance sponsored event you are concerned about, immediately register your concerns with a Board Member. If the concern is regarding a Board Member, please take your concerns to another Board Member who is not involved with the action or circumstances precipitating your concern.

1.08 Action The Ethics Committee will investigate and review concerns and incidents and report to the Board with a summary and recommendation. The Board will deliberate and take action as deemed necessary, fair and appropriate.

July 2007
USA Dance Ocala Chapter